Our upcoming game : Infinite Knights

The good King had died, and no one could decide.
Who was rightful heir to the Throne.
It seemed that the land would be torn by devils,
Or saved by a miracle alone —
And that miracle appeared in the countryside of the the kingdom:
The Sword in the Stone.
The one who pull the sword, will become the king and lead the knights to defeat devils.
Are you the one, who can pull up the sword?
■ Addictive Turn-based RPG
Get to Floor 500 and defeat the Devil King
■ Automatically Offline Income!
You can upgrade the village, get incomes while you are offline.
■ Infinite Heroes
All heroes are randomly generated. Find your best knight.
■ Infinite Dimensions!
You can cross to other dimensions after finishing Floor 100.
Use the soul stones in other dimensions to infinitely power up your knights.
■ Auto Mode/Manual Mode
You can use auto combat mode in the game. If you find it too hard, you can switch to manual mode to pass it.
■ Manage your own team!
Strategically use 6 heroes with different classes to pass the difficult levels.
■ Forge your own equipments.
Use materials to forge many kinds of equipments.
■ Get hundreds of items and materials!
Use the items and materials dropped by the Boss to power up your team.
I’m from Lemon Jam Studio. We are the team behind AppStore featured games Pursuit of Light, Into Mirror, Puzzle Blocks, Jumping Cube, Endless Gravity and so on. We are a creative team that loves to bring new original gameplay to the game market.
We are currently testing the game on iOS and Android. If you want to become a beta tester,